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The ultimate goal with being better at snowboarding is to look good doing anything. Your focus should be on being able to ride everything, from trees, corn snow, moguls, powder...all types of conditions. Get good at riding first and all the tricks will come naturally.

Anyone can go to the park and get pretty good at park within a couple weeks, even people who don't know how to ride at all. A whole season spent at the park and you will have most tricks down, which includes but isn't not limited to half-pipe, jumps, quarter-pipe, and rails. If you ride for 3-5 hours a day that could easily be like 20-50 runs through the park a day. Times that by at-least 80 days a season and your going to get good at park. BUT....

Just riding park you will never get to practice making turns in all kinds of conditions. Not being able to ride the mountain is like not being able to snowboard. I'm not saying park is not a part of this sport, it definitely is, but you need to master basic riding first. If you don't learn your basic snowboarding skills you will look like a beginner forever.

So how do you become better at snowboarding? Ride everything, that includes moguls. There are a lot of riders who think that moguls are for skiing only. That is false, moguls are so much fun, hoping from one mound to another while turning in the air, it's cool. Besides, being able to ride moguls just makes a flat open run that much easier, plus it helps make riding trees easier. Another good tip is keep your knees bent. Bent knees will keep you in a ready position. A ready position means you will be able to execute any movement necessary for snowboarding faster. Bent knees also keep you looking good. Don't stick your butt out though, or you'll be doing the pooping stance(I don't think that needs an explanation). Another benefit to bent knees is that they act as shock absorbers, which will help keep your spine from getting compressed.

Pre-practicing is probably one of the best ways to get better. By pre-practicing I mean mental and physical training off the mountain, at home before you hit the slopes. By using your imagination to make perfect turns along with doing some snowboard fitness exercises you will program your mind and body for riding.

Like mentioned above, better snowboarding is all about looking good. Keep your knees bent, practice riding on all kinds of terrain like park, moguls, making perfect linking turns and don't forget about pre-practicing(this is the the true secret to getting good at riding). Have Fun and Good Luck!

It took a couple years of wasted money with expensive gym memberships and home equipment, but I finally found the best snowboard workout. It's called workout-without-weights and I have nev


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Become Better Snowboarding

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This article was published on 2010/12/05