Deer Park, Kuala Lumpur- Answering The Call Of The Wild

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Kuala Lumpur has certainly come a long way from its early days when it was just a simple mining town in Malaysia. Today this mega city is home to an incredible variety of impressive skyscrapers and amazing tourist attractions catering to the tastes of visitors of all energy levels and interests. Today the city has in fact become a symbol of local ingenuity and economic prosperity. Malaysia offers the traveler the best of all Asian countries in one package and Kuala Lumpur is the capital of this imposing Asian giant. As most of the top tourist attractions in the city are quite popular around the world, the city attracts thousands of visitors to its shores on a regular basis.

The nature lover traveling through Malaysia in search of interesting places to visit will be pleased to hear that there is plenty on show in this abundant country. This tropical country is home to a variety of amazing animal species that call the lush forest-covered regions their home. Those who don't quite feel up to venturing through the woods in search of wild animals have the chance to get up close and personal with the local wildlife at the parks and zoos located in Kuala Lumpur. The Deer Park at Kuala Lumpur is one such venue where you will get the opportunity to witness the ways of various species of deer including the mouse deer.  These highly secretive mammals are regarded to be the smallest hoofed animal in the world and can be found in the lush tropical regions of Sri Lanka, Africa and India.

The landscaping of this park is quite impressively thought out, providing ideal living conditions for the animals on show in addition to offering the visitor a chance to spot the deer from different observation points all around the park. The greenery in most sections of the park too complements the needs of its inhabitants, providing the deer a lush and cool environment to graze and roam in. The entire park covers a total area of 2 hectares, giving the animals ample space to live in. Visitors are allowed to get as close as possible to the spotted deer and mouse deer that can be found at the park, giving you the chance to even feel the smooth fur of these shy and innocent creatures.

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Deer Park, Kuala Lumpur- Answering The Call Of The Wild

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This article was published on 2010/10/21