Parking Lot Woes

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When it comes to apartment or condo living there is nothing more frustrating that someone parking in your designated spot. Building owners and caretakers have long struggled with issues such as friends of tenants hogging the few available guest spots, vehicles taking up more space than allotted or just a complete lack of parking lot etiquettes in general. It's almost a guarantee- if there is a spot you don't want used- someone will park there.

The job of the building super or owner is to minimize resident disruption and to help ensure that the spaces allotted to them are open and there are all manner of parking supplies available to accomplish this goal. Though a parking violation stickers handed out by a building owner may not carry the same legal weight as that handed out by a city parking authority, they can still work as an excellent deterrent. Hopefully the offender thinks twice before pulling into any old parking space, regardless of who is paying for it. If the parking violation sticker doesn't do the trick, property owners are very well within their rights to call a towing service and have the illegally parked vehicle towed away at the owner's expense. If you've ever had the misfortune of having to pick up your from an impound lot then you're well aware that it's something you don't want to ever have to repeat. It's expensive, time consuming and extremely inconvenient.  Other parking supplies can include small posts with the apartment number on them rather than simply painting the number on the asphalt, parking cones, or plastic gate barriers to quadrant off certain areas not in use.

If you're a landlord or a building supervisor regulate your parking lot religiously. Eventually your tenants will understand that they can't get away with abusing the lot rules. If you're a tenant, your job is even easier. If it isn't your designated spot, don't park there!

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Parking Lot Woes

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This article was published on 2010/12/07