Use Parking Hang Tags to Keep Your Employees Happy

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Posting a tow-away sign on your lot may be one way of trying to keep those looking for free parking at bay but what happens when the tow company employee turns up and takes the wrong vehicle?
You can simply and easily control your parking slots and who uses them by making sure they have an easily displayed and customized parking tag so no mistakes can be made.
Implementing parking control is not difficult though it is certainly not top of anyone's agenda unless the issue has become blown out of all proportion. Thankfully, it does not have to be a major chore and here is a simple to follow, seven step process to resolve the problem.
Step One - Choose the Tag Product
You have three main choices available - a hanging tag (hangs off the rearview mirror), a bumper sticker or rearview mirror decal and finally, an inside window sticker.
No matter which you choose, it should be durable and easily identifiable; hanging tags are simple but some users don't like something dangling from the rearview mirror but they are secure and cannot easily be interfered with. A rearview mirror decal does the job simply as does an inside mirror sticker.
One tip is to use whichever product you choose in a uniform manner so everyone has the permit displayed in the same location which helps avoids mishaps with the tow company.
Step Two - Choose Your Design
A simple design is best but do not forget to add your company logo!
You are looking for a design which is simple but stands out easily enough from outside or some distance from the vehicle - you are not looking to add to the aesthetics of the vehicle itself (that is someone else's property remember), but it needs to be easily identifiable and visible.
Step Three - Ink Color
Choose the ink color and steer clear of multiple colors - a strong color and white are excellent but avoid jazzy, psychedelic combinations - it's going on someone's car and a customer or employee in an expensive vehicle may not take kindly to something they consider "trashy" or tacky being stuck on their vehicle.
Step Four - Text Addition
Use a font that is clear and readily readable - Arial or Times Roman for instance - again nothing jazzy or fancy.
What you are looking to add is simple; "Parking Permit" and date of expiry may be all you need but if you wish to control not just the drivers but also the vehicles parking in your space, you can add the license tag number to the permit as well.
It is simple to use a barcode which can be added to the tag and is easily scanned by whoever is responsible for controlling your parking spaces and lot access - a barcode also removes any privacy issues because there is no need for names, expiry dates or any information to be on display and a barcode needs a scanner to read the information.
It is a simple step to control access to your lot and your commercial property; parking in certain areas is at a premium and needs to be controlled and regulated to ensure the even flow of your business. Staff need to be able to park easily and get into work without the hassle while how many of your customers are not going to be impressed if they turn up at your premises but have to find parking several blocks away.
A parking permit is easily created and forms part of a manageable parking control policy which will ensure the smooth operation of your business without demanding attention out of all proportion to handling this straight forward situation. 

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Use Parking Hang Tags to Keep Your Employees Happy

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This article was published on 2010/04/02